About Us

This shop all started with our love for books. We all started reading at a very young age and are bookworms ever since! We all like to drink tea and burn a candle while reading. We thought why not create our own candles with bookish themes? So that's what we did and here we are! 

Our Mission

We are quite serious about the environment. That's why we re-use the packing material in which our supplies arrive. We use the boxes, bubble wrap and basically everything we can think of. Do not be surprised when your order arrives in a re-used box! This is also the reason why we decided to use soy based candle wax. We all know how bad paraffin is for our environment so our candles are free of it. Beeswax was also not a good option. Bees are very important so we do not use that either. 

Our candles are vegan and biodegradable.